Staying Friends…

October 9, 2010

You burned although

Never bright enough after more

Than one encounter, and you thought you were slumming it

Nervous as you’ll get out, but met

With tenderness and a sense of eager

Isn’t it funny how fast it withers

You knew the forecast sweetie

You knew all to well

But you should have kept your mouth shut and

Just maybe his embrace would have stayed as

More than platonic

Don’t try to understand

It is what it is


Stupid Girl…

October 2, 2010

Its been so long since you’ve have seen the stars
And you’ll never let them know that.

But what is it your really looking for, sweetie?

Memories and a soft touch.

You find the song to end it,

Before it even begins

And your intuition

has always served you well

Because you know what it feels like to

Want to die.

Lack Of Nicotine…

September 30, 2010

Lip chewing and you

Shouldn’t hold my face like that

Unless you mean it

Feigning tales of “Ginger”

And I’m glad I kept my mouth shut

(Right all along?)

With your “Hon’s” and “Dolls”

Please, don’t push me to talk about it

Your far too sweet for nothing serious

3 years and today
I brought you a paper flower

It was all that I had, and while living

You would have arranged it on your coffee table

To collect dust and, I would hope


Torn to shreds at this point,

Mower blades and the reason for flat stones

I did better than I thought, holding it together

Until I got to the car.

He asked if we were close and I

Couldn’t say yes

Couldn’t say no, only

“As close as she would allow.”

They say the writer is

The true neurotic.

And the truth is I find you fascinating.

Words and thoughts,


Skin smooth and eyes wide.

Your hesitation upon speaking,


I want to hear you say everything



September 24, 2010

And I opened my mouth again


All that time, spent distancing from

Now involved

But only mildly?

I hate that I wrote for you,

Loved you, wholly and platonic

And those picture frames?

I realize now were hardly gilded to begin with.

Conversations On The River

September 21, 2010

Much like career girls, we laughed

Purses and cigarettes

Because I didn’t know your back roads

But we can pretend its like James Dean if we want

That was the point of this, right?

To get away, get it out even if they were closer then we thought

Hands swelling

Water rushing

Colors you would expect to be weathered

But when will we get our chance,

To be more

than the ones doing the loving?

More Than Welcome…

September 1, 2010

To be able to shut this out, how glorious

Brightly lit and thin skinned

And your sure now it’s a big mistake

But with a smile so garishly joyful

I can’t refuse the silence I want to believe can be comfortable

With decisions radical and reactions, knee jerk

Exactly one hour later and

I still can’t get past the faint smell of false empathy

Not so disapointed…

August 31, 2010

There is a certain comfort

in being alone, no surprises and

no sike’s and

you can guarantee that pile of laundry will

always be free on saturday night.

And its true

you have always felt that way, felt

it was for the better.

Which is why your hardly surprised that

just like that…

You can become strangers

Too much music, I guess…

August 30, 2010

Once again i find myself behind Mr. 35 and

normally I wouldn’t mind but sugar,

you have pushed my buttons for the last time.

(There I go, repeating myself again.)

She says “You gotta find a man that can smoke this out”* and

I hate to admit to wishing just that.

I’m pretty sure Connor summed it up best, when

he said “Just 1 more cherry? Play again, get lucky…”**

but fear keeps me from ever pulling that lever.

Not sure there is one,

a cherry

within a 30 mile radius with

teeth and a job

(Now that would be striking gold.)